Walcer has been synonymous with the
mineral exploration industry for 40 years. 
Over the many years of service, Walcer  
Geophysics has been credited with 
making a significant contribution to 
techniques used in the implementation of 
the Induced Polarization method of  
mineral exploration.
Walcer Geophysics is a manufacturer    
and supplier of Resistivity and Induced 
Polarization (IP) type of exploration 
instruments, particularly motor generators 
and transmitters.
IP and Resistivity receivers are also 
available to make up a complete survey 
system.  A complete line of field 
accessories is available from Walcer 
Geophysics, such as special field wire, 
wire winders and electrodes.
We service most IP and Resistivity
transmitters and motor generators 
used in the field today.  For your 
specific needs, please contact us first.
Contact Webmaster at webmaster@walcergeophysics.com